Original acrylic painting of a Modena show pigeon ‘First Prize’


Original painting a complete one off as no prints made of this Modena Pigeon a show pigeon, painted at a Country show. A very proud creature who seemed to know they had won ‘First Prize.’

I love pigeons a neighbour has a pigeon loft and I am fascinated by these birds. The Modena Pigeon is a rare fancy breed bred for show mainly, descendant of the Rock Dove.

This painting is very textured, with layers built up to emphasize the feathers – see images. He is pictured in his cage with his First Prize on his cage.

Ready to hang as painted on a boxed canvas but you can have it framed at a framers if preferred.

Materials: Surface: Stretched canvas
Height: 32 inches
Width: 32 inches
Depth: 1.5 inches

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