Commission your very own ‘Owd Lass

I have been asked if I do commissions of my ‘Owd Lasses many times for retirement presents, birthdays  etc and have finally relented.

I think customers get that these aren’t portraits but more a wrestling onto canvas of the spirit of our treasured older folk, warts and all. So if you have an Elsie (or an Albert!!) in your ancestry and you’d like them immortalised then give me a shout …

I would need some ideas of different stories for the setting- did they love the bingo, or maybe phrases they used and a general idea of appearance (headscarf, titfer, curlers, best coat colour even an old photo perhaps) then I will get going. The images are presented framed in a floating frame, with a metal tag for the title… prices start at £280 for your very own Owd Lass (Lad)… Please ask about timescales.


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